A quick update... -  
So I've limited some of the distractions in my life and here's what I've gotten done:
1) Gotten further along in chapter three of TIAD. This one is proving difficult to write guys, it's not flowing well and the writer's block plaguing me with this one is AWFUL! I know what I want to say...but the words just aren't comin'. Expect the next chapter sometime this week. (Hopefully? Maybe?)
2) Gotten ahead by a few chapters in Brittle Bones. Posted the new chapter just a few minutes ago actually...I'm really liking where this one is going and all the support it's receiving. Thank You!
3) Just finished chapter two of 'Shades of Grey'. This is a collection of one-shots I've been working on for a while and have been thinking about even longer. I know, I know, I should be worrying about TIAD and what not, but I can't help myself! This will not be posted on ff.net until I get further along in TIAD.
That's all for now ;)
9/27/2010 16:11:41

What excellent self-restraint! I can NEVER seem to stop myself from posting. I always post it. :groans:

I have to wait AGAIN to post my review to Brittle Bones, but excellent chapter. And I still hope you don't let her get a full-blown rape. Looking forward to more on all your stuff.

I really, really want to read "Shade of Grey." :grins: But I'll wait...somewhat...patiently.

9/28/2010 20:30:51

I usually don't stop myself from posting, either, but the lack of progress on TIAD is killing me...and I know I'd somehow lose interest in it AGAIN if I started posting chapters SOG.
I know how worried you are about the rape, and I know you're hoping it won't happen, but it will. Soon actually. I;m just telling you this so that you can prepare yourself.
Another sneak peek: unfortunately, part two is titled 'baby's breath' for a reason...:[
Don't give up this story yet, I know how I'm gonna make it all (for the most part) better!

9/29/2010 08:50:40

That's terrible!

A baby too! I was kinda hoping this would stick closer to canon on that point.

And, of course, now I have to decide whether to put myself through the horror and forgive you all the tragedies because of the writing. ... oy.

On a side note: I'll try to hit ch. 3 this weekend. Playing w/original fic this week (http://iveda.weebly.com), but also site still hates me at work. I hope it gets OVER it!

9/29/2010 12:57:47

Oh please, please, PLEASE, stick with it! I know it's hard to believe...but I think you'll like how things end up...so don't give up yet!
I've actually been to your iveda site once before (yes, I'll admit to 'creeping' on you ;]) and I'll go take a look-see right now...
And I hate your work filter ;]

9/29/2010 13:26:37

Must be good. Very good. Will keep reading. Perhaps with a hand over my face and squinting between my fingers, but you better deliver a happy ending, girlfriend! That promise was the only thing that kept me going on Scorch (totally worth it).

And really, you don't have to wait for a sequel to give one. Please? :bats eyelashes:

{Side note: I hate it too!)

9/29/2010 22:37:57

I, Merr2, solemnly swear by all I hold dear that I will A)our all my sweat and blood into making brittle bones good enough for aiRo25's enjoyment. B)I will deliver a happy ending at the end (the sequel was planned to explore the aftermath and tie up loose ends)I will do all of this to ensure that aiRo25 continues to read and review. If I am lying, let lightning strike me!
(Just so you know, it was the batting of the lashes that got me to give in ;])

9/30/2010 09:16:08

I love you, girl!


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