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This site is a work in progress, and I spent some time starting a few new pages that y'all can access on Multi-Chaptered Fanfiction. Just click 'extras' next to the title.
Oh, and emphasis on the 'started' part. I've barely got anything there, but it'll come along eventually.
9/29/2010 08:52:25

One step at a time, girl. It took almost a year to build my fanfiction site to where it is now (maybe longer) and I've still got more to go. Just finally finished all the headers THIS WEEK. And my original fiction site is the same: one little thing at a time, and eventually it starts looking pretty good.

You're off to a great start! :grins:

9/29/2010 08:54:42

The extras look awesome! I'll see if I can put together a wallpaper or something for Scorch that pulls more from the story itself. Hmm... :thoughts:

Naturally, I'll try not to get caught up doing that until I've beta'd your next chappie.

9/29/2010 13:02:49

A year? That makes me feel better...I thought it was just ME. 'Whispers' is great though, truly. So professional and it's nice to get the chance to peek at your unabridged fiction and your thoughts.
And if you have the time and WANT to do a wallpaper...Well, let's just say I'm not gonna turn it down :] Bahahaha.

9/29/2010 17:25:52

I've got a better idea. I'll start with violet lips and scarlet drips. :grins:

9/29/2010 22:33:30

My hearts a goin'! Oh please do! (I would be forever in your debt.) Cause unfortunately, my artistic abilities SUCK! I can however, write decently, so if there's ever something you have a fancy to read...just tell me and I'll try my darn hardest to make ya as happy as you make me ;)

9/30/2010 09:18:53

Small notes (can't turn this editor off!):

On the extras page for Scorch, is it supposed to be in columns? Headings don't have anything under them and it seems like the layout's slightly off.

Also, on the homepage, mesoc's link is used for ruroca.

9/30/2010 14:22:00

Hey thanks for pointing that stuff out! I fixed the weird, two-column thing, and I've given Ruroca her respective link.
What would I do without ya?


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