Devil's Work -  
I promised myself when the show first came out that I wouldn't become obsessed; I'd resist the temptation of reality television and continue to roll my eyes at my friends and their obnoxious obsession with watching overly-tan, overly-greasy, and overly-indulged ninnies fumbling about.
But I was forced to watch a couple episodes, and of course I wanted to know what was happening next- so I began watching them on my own...and then I found myself cashing my meager paycheck (that was SUPPOSED to be going towards Homecoming expenses) today and driving down to good 'ole Walmart to buy the first season. Yeah, it happened.
Which is why I didn't go dress shopping with my friends...which is why I'll have to do that tomorrow...which is why I'll have to push reading the Odyssey back (again-my teacher's gonna rip me a new one)...which is why there won't be any updated fics until Friday...sorry! I'll try my very hardest to keep posting updates for brittle bones...but we'll see. TIAD, however, is a whole other story.
I'm telling you: Jersey Shore is the devil's work! 
9/21/2010 16:36:25


I know how it can be.

FYI: I replied over at The Log. I'll be reading you obsessively so you can always reply to me right here when I comment. :grins:


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