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I received my first flame ever for brittle bones last night (techincally this morning) and I have to admit it was an experience. I must say that I question their methods: If they hated the story as much as they said, why take the time to leave not one, but two obscenity-ridden, overly-drawn out reviews?
Sigh. Oh well- Can't please 'um all I 'spose.
Ahem, change of topic: I've made a horrible 'oopsy' guys. I was ahead by, like, 6 or 7 chapters of brittle bones, but in some bizarre series of events- I deleted all of my progress. I'm more than frustrated. Alas, I'll simply have to start over, which means more waiting for you guys, but...Ehh? Nothin' I can do.
See ya next time ;)
9/30/2010 15:35:05

Youch. You can report those. You do not have to put up with excessive and pointless profanity.

As for their comments, some people don't "get" drabbles. :shrugs: But it's huge in original fiction world as well. I had one person that griped about Whispers saying it was just sentences. They also said they weren't drabbles, but I set them straight on that point. A drabble is exactly 100 words: complete definition.

Thankfully, most people either get it or move on.

9/30/2010 16:31:53

Been hopping about your site (almost obsessive) and saw your comments on Marvel.com. You might also try uncannyxmen.net. I use their synopses of issues and it's phenomenally wonderful.

I never got too heavily into Marvel.com 'cause in IE6 (my browser) it lets you view one page and then that's it. They're all white. I still don't know what that is. It might just be the work filter, but I don't know.

Also, marvel.wikia.com has awesome profiles.

10/1/2010 15:25:01

I agree with you on that. I've had many readers that don't like drabbles, but most of them just stopped reading and left it at that. That person was the complete opposite.
So that's the true def. of a drabble? Well then that person really didn't know what they were talking about-
Thanks so much for the suggestion. I truly do need all the help I can get when it comes to events and all that- I'll check them out right away!

10/2/2010 21:35:06

LOVE the new timeline. One note:

2010: April. Remy has just woken up from a three week coma. Jean avoids his questions about Rogue. Phoenix uses her empathic abilities to throw both Remy and Jean into heated lust, and proceeds to show Rogue. Remy stops it before it goes all the way. Jean then tells him the reasons for Rogue’s absence and the time she’s been gone. Remy leaves to search for her soon after, though he is still not well. see chapter 14.

Ought to be May.


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