Growing Up -  
I've dreamt of going to college since I was a kid, but now that the time's actually here it's surreal. I've been applying non-stop to all of my choices and the whole process is stressful and a little depressing.
It hurts to know that I might not maintain some of my friendships, that my relationship probably won't survive the distance, and that I have to rely even more heavily on myself. I won't be able to sob my eyes out on my mom's shoulder or let my dad handle my problems.
But on a much lighter note: aiRo25 has worked her magic and made me two beautiful banners. Check them out!
9/23/2010 15:16:40

I have to admit to being on the other end of the spectrum. LOVE my Dad, but... I learned at a very young age that I didn't necessarily agree with him. Or my Mom. Mom was worse. Love her too, but... I went independent as soon as I could pay for my own rent and claim autonomy (even though we were in the same house) because I just had different ideas of what was important to ME. But leaving the family and living elsewhere? :shudders: I feel for you, honey! And don't give up on that relationship now. Just keep contact. Keep growing it where you can. It IS a small world and getting smaller every day.

9/27/2010 14:04:27

You are the sweetest person EVER, okay? And brave- you showed the kind of independence that I want to show now, but I don't know, I guess I've had my issues but my family has always been there for me. And about that relationship: I'll give your advice a go, and maybe it'll work out?
Thanks for the support, I love love love ya!


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