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I have no good excuse for not updating this site, I mean, it's the least I could do—seeing as I've been lacking in regards to also. But I can tell you all that I don't have school tomorrow, and that all of my time and energy (after I shower, eat, and run over to my grandma's house to give her a hand) will be dedicated soley to the fanfiction world.
I did work on TIAD a bit on thursday, and I've hit the half-way mark. If I can keep my eyes open I'll work on it today and have it all shiny and polished by tomorrow. The same applies to the update of 'brittle bones.'
Shades of Grey is a whole different story. I've been working on it, I swear I have, but it's only been sentences and paragraphs at a time. And of course there's 'negative progress:' deleting what I've worked on for the day and then some.
The new quarter starts on Tuesday and sadly I don't have as much free time as I did this first quarter. Meaning I don't get to sleep-in in the mornings or leave throughout the day to come home and work on fanfiction. So updates are probably going to be even more sparse.
10/18/2010 09:35:57

Don't feel bad. :snorts: You're not taking off for parts unknown until NOVEMBER. :groans:

No worries. I love your work and it's totally worth waiting for.

10/22/2010 23:31:15

Gee, thanks!
(groans even louder) Dare I ask? Sigh. Here it goes: How long will you be gone?
(I'm afraid the answer might kill me)


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