The Solution -  
So we all know I'm a bit unorganized, but I've devised a strict regiment to help get myself caught up with the fics, and to also be more efficent. Understand that my school work and social life take priority over the following list: (for the most part. I'll do anything to avoid homework)
1.) At least two drabbles a night for brittle bones.
B- Edit chapter 12 of Romy Round Robin. (not included in the 'every day' list.
2.) At least a page and a half a night for TIAD.
B- Editing time not included.
3.) Dedicate rest of my free time (if any) to Shades of Grey.

There we have it. It seems unrealistic, but back in the day I could crank out chapters for brittle bones like no body's business, and likewise with Scorch and TIAD. I just need to disipline myself and get back to how I used to be. (damn senior year, too many parties and not enough ibuprofen—make it so I don't wanna get up in the morning) Bear with me, folks! I WILL get there!
10/7/2010 09:11:19

Good luck! I'm rooting you on.

I used to try schedule myself, but I find they just don't work for me. Reading my own work helps if it's inspiring. If I don't like what I'm reading, I don't try writing past it. It doesn't work. But if I can get my head back into the story, immerse myself in it, then I can write it again.


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