1983: Remy is born in New Orleans. Parents unknown and never discussed in story. We assume he receives the aid of the hospital staff until he is no longer cared for. Lives and survives on streets as a beggar and pickpocket. This is never mentioned in Scorch.

1988: Rogue is born in Caldecott County. Mother dies soon after from unknown, but shady causes, and she is left in the care of her abusive father. This is never explicitly mentioned in Scorch.

1990: New Orleans. Remy is found by Mattie Rose Baptiste, a fellow homeless individual. They bond, she gives him the name ‘Remy’ after some brief consideration. Guesses his age is 8, though he is truly 7. see chapter 2.

1992: New Orleans. Mattie takes Remy to the LeBeau mansion, the past employers of her late husband. She tells him they will be living there from now on. Remy is 10 years old. (actually a year younger, but we’ll be going by Mattie’s original assumption) see chapter 3.

1993: February, Mississippi. We see for the first time Rogue being sexually abused by her father at 5 years old. see chapter 2.

1995: New Orleans. Remy runs away from home at age 13. Meets Fagan, a drunk. The two hit it off and drink moonshine. Remy loses virginity to a hooker in the 8th district. Remy is discovered, and beaten. Fagan is killed. Henri, mercy, and Mattie are furious at the cruelty of Jean-Luc. see chapter 7.

1998: Mississippi. Rogue is putting up Halloween decorations when her aunt Irene shows up out of the blue. Irene confronts Rogue’s father, then takes Rogue out for ice cream. Questions Rogue, then ultimately takes her away to a town in northern Mississippi. We learn later that Irene knew about the abuse for years. Meets Cody soon after moving. see chapter 5.

2003: January. We get a look into Remy’s thoughts. By this time, he has already been exiled because of Julien’s death. He discusses how he met Sinister. Morlocke massacre takes place. see chapter 10.

2004: Mississippi. We get a glimpse at Cody and Rogue’s friendship. Discusses his frustration and her hesitance. They kiss and Rogue’ s mutation activates. Cody dies. see chapter 8.

2004. September. Rogue has just absorbed mystique and learns the whole truth. Leaves the brotherhood to seek help with the x-men. Unknowingly seals her doom. see chapter 12.

2004: Late fall. Rogue is cutting herself to try and cope. see chapter 1.

2005: Cairo, Egypt. Ororo has tacked down Remy, who is doing ‘business’ in Cairo. She tries to convince him to join the x-men, and sometime during their conversation, she is swept up in his charm and she falls in love. She flees soon after. Meanwhile, Remy returns to his hotel room and finds Belle waiting for him. She has changed physically, mentally, and emotionally. She is unstable, and Remy thinks that he may really get murdered. Belle curses him instead (he doesn’t know this yet) and commits suicide to activate the voodoo spell. Remy is deeply disturbed, and from this moment on his life goes downhill. see chapter 5.

2006: May. Remy arrives at the mansion after a year of painful wandering. It is also the night of Rogue’s 19th birthday party, and for Rogue and Scott, ’the new guy with red eyes’ turns out to be quite the welcome distraction for all the mansion folk. Rogue and Scott become intimate. see chapter 7.

2006. July. Rogue and Remy meet for the first time. They feel a connection between each other. see chapter 15.

2006: August. Remy has finally convinced Rogue to go out on a date with him. She gets quite drunk. see chapter 6.

2007: April. They’ve been dating for awhile. “Two southerners climb up the steep hill…” Remy realizes that he is in love with Rogue, and is scared by the realization. see chapter 4.

2007: we assume that Remy begins cheating, and that Rogue condones it. We can also assume that this period is when Jean is first starting to get plagued by the entity Phoenix.

2008: November. Rogue and Remy are trying to be intimate but she ends things, he gets frustrated. Worse fight they’ve had so far. see chapter 4.

2009: Summer. We see one of Remy’s many escapades in person. “She tells him her name…” see chapter 2.

2009: December. The x-men have just returned from another battle against Phoenix. Remy asks again if she and Scott had ever been more than friends. She lies. see chapter 6. Our tale begins soon after.

2009: December. The start of it all. Rogue is painting Remy on the diving board, and later, Rogue begins ignoring him because of her sexual desires. This is also the night when Rogue touches Jean, thus absorbing phoenix. Three days pass, and the two women are still in a coma. Remy barely leaves Rogue’s side.

Hank and Betsy come in to check on their two patients, and see that Rogue is missing and Remy is in her place. see chapters 1-3.

Phoenix (in Rogue’s body and accent) convinces Remy to take her away from the mansion. He gives in, and they travel to a hotel, where they will remain the next two days. Those two days will be both chaotic and heartbreaking. Remy leaves. see chapters 3-6

2010: January. Remy is back in New Orleans, which is going against the terms of his exile. He reunites with Henri and makes a mockery of his foster-father’s men at arms.

2010: March. After months of mental instability, Rogue welcomes Phoenix back so that Remy can return. Jean notices right away and panics. Rogue discovers that Remy is in Seattle. She plans on going after him, and Logan invites himself along. Before they can depart Scott corners Rogue. They have the conversation they should have had years prior.

Remy completes a heist and goes to a bar to celebrate. He is abducted by the Marauders when he returns to his motel later that evening.

Meanwhile, Rogue and Logan are still traveling. Lilandra tries prying into Rogue’s mind and Phoenix backlashes. The results are that Rogue unknowingly hurt Wolverine, Lilandra’s mind was almost destroyed, and Rogue’s memory was temporarily gone. She somehow still felt a connection to Remy, and found him days later. Logan was brought about the shi’ar ship and given treatment.

The two lovers go to Mississippi, where they are later picked up by the X-men. see chapter 12.

The lovers are informed of the battle that will be taking place against the Shi’ar. Before they leave they (finally) consummate their relationship. Afterwards, Remy questions Rogue about her lack of virtue, but she ignores the question. They arrive on the site and are given their opponents. There is tension abundant and soon, Scott and Rogue’s infidelity comes to light and things blow up. see chapter 12.

Battle against Shi’ar. Kitty, Piotr, and Bobby are killed. Rogue loses control and Phoenix murders the Imperial guard, save for Gladiator, who manages to survive along with Lilandra. The X-men escape the asteroid before it explodes, but Rogue is left behind. She wakes up later to find herself alone. She thought she’d killed her family. She and Remy are reunited later on. see chapter 13.

2010: April. “ she says for the first time three weeks after their return to earth…” Rogue confides to Remy that she feels awful that the X-men resent her, and knows that she will die eventually. Remy reprimands her and reminds her of the sacrifices the team made. She promises to stay with him as long as she can. see chapter 13.

2010: Beginning of May. We see Rogue slipping from Remy’s grasp, and Phoenix taking over completely. Rogue and Remy have a final sweet moment together at the end of this chapter. see chapter 13.

2010: May. Remy has just woken up from a three week coma. Jean avoids his questions about Rogue. Phoenix uses her empathic abilities to throw both Remy and Jean into heated lust, and proceeds to show Rogue. Remy stops it before it goes all the way. Jean then tells him the reasons for Rogue’s absence and the time she’s been gone. Remy leaves to search for her soon after, though he is still not well. see chapter 14.

Meanwhile, Phoenix has finally broken Rogue’s will, and hides her away in her mindscape. We see through her mental monologue that she is disgusted with the human race, and plans to kill them all.

Irene is drawing her vision of the world’s end once again. She’s had this vision for years, and used to collapse from it. She notices the Phoenix’s dress, but thinks nothing of it. In reality, the red-on-black is Rogue showing she hasn’t lost all control yet. Lilandra makes a world-wide announcement. Scott, Xavier, Jean, Warren, Betsy and Wolverine go to see Rogue through the Final Battle. Xavier, Jean, Emma, and Betsy must team up to weaken Rogue. see chapter 14.

2010: June. After weeks of searching, Remy has found what he’s been looking for. Phoenix and Remy have at it in a battle of wits. Remy tries convincing her to leave their planet alone, but she retaliates. She senses the blackbird and grows excited.

Emma Frost convinces the Hellfire Club to support her in the battle against Phoenix. see chapter 15.

Battle begins. Remy is forced to kill the love of his life. see chapter 15.

In his grief, Remy begins the process of cutting all ties between he and the X-men.

2010: Astral Plane. Right after the battle, Rogue is sucked into a battle with Phoenix on the astral plane. With the help of her psyches, she manages to defeat the creature. Because there is no passage of time, Rogue does not realize until later that the battle with Phoenix for control of her mind lasted 10 years. see chapter 16.

2010: June. Rogue’s funeral. Remy attends drunk, and leaves soon after the service. see chapters 9 and 16.

2014: Paris. Ororo finds Remy in putrid conditions, and convinces him to let her take care of him. see chapter 11.

2017: New Orleans. Remy and Ororo’s wedding. We see that Remy is not happy, and that his thoughts often travel to Rogue. He goes inside the house to have some time alone, but he gets the opposite: Tante Mattie is there. She reveals to him that Bella Donna used her suicide as a curse, and Remy thinks that may have something to do with Rogue dying. Tante gives her life to lift the curse. see chapter 14.

2017: It is assumed that Remy’s first son (the one who’s graduating in 2034) is born

2019: It is assumed that Remy’s second son (the one who knocks on the door when Remy and Marie are hiding in the den) is born.

2020: Astral Plane. Rogue is taken to what she thinks is ‘Hell.’ This process is actually the psyches repairing her damaged mind. She remains in her ‘Hell’ for five years, though to her it feels like 5 hours. see chapter 16.

It is briefly mentioned that Charles Xavier passed away around this time. Remy attends the funeral out of respect, but doesn’t return until 14 years later.

2022: It is assumed that Remy’s third son (not really mentioned in fic, careless mistake on my part) is born.

2025: Astral Plane. The psyches do what they can, but the rest is up to her own body to heal. She completely died, and so healing is not an easy process. Her broken mind slumbers for 9 more years. She is re-born, and then she wakes. see chapter 16.

2028: It is assumed that Remy’s first and only daughter (Marie, named after Rogue. “accidental baby” Remy’s favorite. Shows up at her wedding in the epilogue) is born. see chapters 3, 16, and 17.

2034: We meet 52-year-old future Remy. He is obviously unhappy in his marriage to Ororo, though he loves her for giving him 4 beautiful children, and for ultimately saving his life. We see through internal monologue that he is still grieving for Rogue, and the pain is wearing on him. see chapters 1, 3, 8, 13, and 16.

A messenger from Rogue is sent to Remy, and leads him to her resting place. He finds an infant with white and brown hair, and emerald green eyes. He thinks of the Professor’s words, and knows that Rogue has been re-born. He arrives at his son’s graduation party glowing, all of the surviving X-men are there. Remy knows he will be leaving soon, and so he makes his peace with all. He loves them so much, and part of him doesn’t want to leave them.

He holds his children one last time, then finds his wife in the bedroom. She knows it’s Rogue, as did Jean. She gives Remy her blessing. see chapter 16.

2035-2051: The years in which Remy raises Rogue. These ‘blank’ years between chapter 16 and the epilogue are not explicitly discussed in Scorch, but they will be thoroughly explored as a one-shot in Shades of Grey.

2052: Massachusetts. Marie LeBeau has just become Marie Summers, as she has just married Nathaniel Summers. (better known as Cable) she is thinking of how much she misses her father when, out of nowhere, a young version of her father presents himself. Marie is in disbelief.

At first she wants nothing to do with him, but eventually she caves into her love and the two embrace. Marie realizes that he father had never really forgotten about her, and that he’d made sure Ororo was more than comfortable financially, and that he would leave gifts for his children. They talk for a long while, but are interrupted by Nate. When she turns around Remy is gone.

Remy finds Rogue getting lost in her ability to hear all thoughts, but manages to snap her out of it. They discuss his experience and she both pities him and regrets her decision to make him immortal. She feels bad for taking him away from his family and normal humans forever. There is no doubt in Remy’s mind that he’d rather be with Rogue for eternity, and he comforts her. We leave off with Rogue transforming into the Phoenix, and Remy riding along within her bosom. The Old and New X-men come out just in time to see the sight. see chapter 17.





















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