The Obsession

It all began with a youngish girl (me) X-men: The 90's series (the re-runs on Disney) and went from there. I saw Rogue and Gambit and fell in love instantly. Rogue and her awful mutation caught and kept my interest, Gambit's devilish personality and striking looks made me giggle.
I began devouring anything and everything ROMY. The Movies sucked, and my heart broke when the third installment was released and Gambit was no where to be found. It was because of my disappointment that I discovered
Girl met fanfic, girl fell in love, end of story.

The Idea

 Not surprisingly, after a year or two of just reading fanfiction, I wanted to do more, I wanted to WRITE it. So I did. I filled up notebooks worth of chaptered stories and one-shots, I went over them and read them religiously. But for some reason, I couldn't muster up the confidence to actually create an account and put something up! I have a great fear of rejection, and I'm a notorious people-pleaser.
I continued pining away and reading instead of writing.

The Leap

During the summer of '09 (I'm not EXACTLY sure, don't quote me on this) I posted my first story: Tomorrow Is Another Day. It was based on Gone With the Wind by Margaret Mitchell. This fic was my babay, but unfortunately, not my best. When I look back now I wince at my earlier writing, but that's okay because it allowed me to mature and grow. I've reposted Tomorrow Is Another Day, and with the help of Laceylou76 I've started what I hope will be a great fic.
Speaking of Lacey, on to my next point:

The Credit

If it wasn't for people like Laceylou76 and Randirogue I wouldn't be here right now. They give me the confidence to keep going and advice that is always positive, never negative.
It's the ones like aiRo25, Chellerbelle, mesoc, and ruroca57 that keep me hooked. aiRo is a great support, and she's currently beta-ing Scorch for me. 
If you've read any of the afore mentioned's work you know what greatness is.