Scorch Extras

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Visuals From the Fans: (hopefully I'll have more to add soon...)

A gift from aiRo25. ah, if only I were as talented as she...
black and white. I really do love these.

Resources: (aka, the reasons this fic got finished)

Beta: aiRo25. The lady works miracles, trust me. I feel bad for all the crap she has to correct...

More advice/Support: Randirogue. She tells me straight every time, and she's influenced many of the twists and turns 'Scorch' has taken. I miss her on

The Reviews: Laceylou76, Fostersb, aiRo25, Anna Marcia Gregorio, Cassie, ButterflyRogue, slightlyxjaded, ruroca57, Chellerbelle, Uncommonspirit, Chica De Los Ojos Cafe, midnight.cowgirl, ColorCoated, crazyrightnow3417, Payla, SevenIsMyLuckyNumber...and so many more. Thank you all for the support! 

Cajun French: Terry Eymard's Guide to Bayou Cajun Words & Expressions. This site is really cool, and I plan on using it more in future fics. I would really recommend checking it out, if anything for the insight it gives.

And in case ya got confused, I've posted A Timeline of All the Events. (a work in progress)

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